A year of updates.
A lifetime of FormulaDesk

Your license comes with a year’s worth of updates. Once that year is up, you can keep using the last version of the product you downloaded, forever.

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Use discount code 'BETA' for a 50% discount during the beta period. Purchases during the BETA period will get 18 months free maintenance instead of 12 months.


Personal License:
(single-user, non-commercial use)
(includes 1 year of updates)

Corporate License:
(all usage incl. commercial)
From $69 per user
(includes 1 year of updates)
Volume discounts
1+: $99 per user
5+: $84 per user
10+: $79 per user
20+: $74 per user
50+: $69 per user

Renew existing license:
(Personal & Corporate licenses)
50% of full price
(1 year of updates)

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Your license explained

Here’s what you need to know about your license, based on the questions we get asked the most.

  Where can I find the End User License Agreement (EULA)?

You can read the End User License Agreement here, which is a legal contract between a software application author or publisher and the user of that application.


  What happens if I don’t renew my license?

If you don’t want to renew your license after it expires, you can continue to use the version that you have, for as long as you want, but you won’t be able to receive any further updates. If you decide you want to renew at a later date, that’s fine — you’re welcome back at any time.


  How long does my license/seats last for?

Your license is valid for a year from the date you purchase it. For example, if you purchase your license on 4th October, 2018, you’ll get regular updates until 4th October, 2019. To receive updates after that date, you’ll need to renew your license.


  Do I need to renew my license to receive fixes?

Yes. All versions require a valid license, even bug-fix versions.