No more endless scrolling to find a sheet

Multiple rows of sheet tabs

See all your sheets at once, in a multiline display, which can be displayed at the top or bottom of Excel. So, no more scrolling around to find a specific sheet.

Vertical sheet tabs

Display your sheet tabs in a vertical list, on the left or right of Excel.


The panes can be resized by dragging the border to create more space or display more rows.

Filter the sheets

Filter what you seen by color, custom tag or by typing part of the name (see item below)


  • Lock icon on protected sheets

...or maximize your workspace with flyout tabs & floating tabs

Flyout tabs

​To maximize your space in Excel, access your sheet tabs via a flyout tab, which you can drag to anywhere on the edge of the Excel window (top, bottom, left, right - wherever suits you). Click it to display the sheet list, which auto-hides when your mouse leaves.

Floating tabs

Display your sheet tabs in a floating window. This works very well if you have multiple screens.

See the only sheets that matter: filter & sort displayed sheet tabs

Filter by color

Choose to display only sheet tabs of a selected color. Pinned sheets will always be displayed, no matter what color.

Filter by custom tag

Create custom tags, such as 'Summer', 'FY 2019', 'IT Dept' or anything else, then assign one or multiple tags to a sheet. Now you can filter by tag-name, to only show sheets that are tagged with the tag-name. Pinned sheets will always be displayed, no matter what tag-name.


Sort by name, index, most recent.

'Pin' important sheets

Right-click sheet tabs and 'pin' them, ensuring that they are always visible, no matter what fiilters are applied, and always appear at the top of the list.

Export filtered view as a new workbook

Once you've applied filters to show only the sheets you want to see, save a version of the workbook with only those sheets visible, so that you can send it to a colleague. It can be optionally password protected too, to prevent other people from un-hiding the hidden sheets.

Custom tags...

...for filtering sheets

​Define custom tags to filter the dispayed sheets by.

  1. Create the tag.
  2. Add sheets to the tag.
  3. On the filter screen, select the tag(s) to filter by.
  4. Only sheets belonging to the selected tag(s) will be displayed in the sheet list.

Multi-sheet editing

Quickly edit multiple sheets at once:

  • Color
  • Visibility (hide, unhide)
  • Tags

To do this:

  1. Press CTRL
  2. Select mutiple sheets by clicking hteir row (they will become highlighted)
  3. Click a cell in the colunm to edit (eg: Visible) to se the value.
  4. The value will be applied to all selected sheets.

Quick Navigator

Quickly switch between recent sheets

Instantly switch between your most recent worksheets with Quick Navigator (press CTRL+TAB) - no more scrolling the worksheet tabs to find the worksheet you want.

Press and release CTRL+TAB to instantly switch between the current sheet and previous one. Alternatively, pressing CTRL+TAB then releasing TAB but keeping CTRL pressed shows a pop-up navigation screen which allows you to switch between recently-viewed sheets quickly, even across workbooks. Keep CTRL pressed while using this screen. Releasing the CTRL key hides the screen and navigates to the currently selected sheet. Use TAB or DOWN_ARROW to move down and SHIFT+TAB or UP_ARROW to move up. Use LEFT_ARROW and RIGHT_ARROW to move left and right.


One-click links to important cells

Create named bookmarks of any cell or range of cells, then click the 'Bookmarks' button on the FormulaDesk menu to view the bookmarks. Click on a bookmark name to navigate to the bookmark.

Never lose sight of the active cell

...even when Excel loses focus!

Clearly see which cell is active. Customise how you highlight it:

  • Highlight the entire row and column
  • Draw arrows pointing to it
  • Draw a border around it

Each of these options can be customized: color, transparency, line-thinkness etc.

Also, the highlights remain even when you switch to anoother can still see the highlighted cell.


Does FormulaDesk Navigator work on Excel for Mac?

No, it only works on Excel for Windows.

What happens if I send my Excel file to a colleague who doesn't have FormulaDesk Navigator installed?

When you send the file to co-workers, then those that have the add-in installed will have exactly the same view as you. When they don’t have the add-in installed, then the file will work exactly as normal ie: no multi-row sheet tabs, no filtering by color or tag etc. FormulaDesk Navigator is essentially a viewer - it allows you to see and work with sheet tabs in new ways. Also, the views aren’t turned on by default - you need to select the view from the ribbon menu, and you can turn it off again at any time to return to the ‘normal’ Excel view.

Known Issues

  • Changing the Windows DPI (text-scale/size) at runtime causes Track Cell feature to draw incorrectly.