FormulaDesk Math

Excel add-in

Real math equations and plots in excel

View formulas as math equations

Friendly reference names

Choose how referenced cells in a formula are displayed:

  • Address
  • Name
  • Value
  • Cell to the left
  • Formatted value
  • Table header

Greek symbols

  • If named ranges or ‘cells to the left’ contain the name of a Greek letter, such as alpha, beta, pi etc. then the equation will display the Greek symbol instead.
  • Greek letters can also be written with a leading ‘\’ eg: \pi, \alpha. In fact, if a cell’s value is a sentence that includes Greek letters, then the letter names MUST be preceeded with ‘\’, otherwise they will be ignored.

Insert equations

Live equations (or static)

  • Document your formulas by adding live (auto-updating) equations to your worksheet.
  • Add the equation displayed in the Math Equation viewer to the current worksheet. ‘Live’ equations will auto-update when the cell’s formula changes.
  • Static (non-live) equations won’t auto-update when the underlying formula changes.

Copy & save

Copy or save equations to paste elsewhere into Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, or other Microsoft Office applications.

Copy or save as an equation object or as a image (PNG).

Plot formulas (instantly)


  • There’s no need to create a data-series of values. Just point at a formula and create the plot


Any cell referenced in the formula can be selected as the Y-axis.

Multiple plots

Multiple plots can be added to the same display – variants of one cell (different references as Y-axis), or other formulas from other cells.

Transform text

Greek letters

Instantly convert Greek letter names into actual Greek symbols by clicking the menu, or right-clicking.

Subscripts & superscripts

Convert ‘_’ and ‘^’ into subscripts and superscripts.

Create & update Word documents from Excel

Insert formulas and values

Choose and insert cells, their formulas, names, descriptions etc. into Word documents.

Live auto-updates

Auto-update the Word document when the underlying cells change value. Your Word document is always up-to-date.

Engineering calculation sheets

Perfect for engineers to document their calculations and formulas.

Version Comparison


Does FormulaDesk work on Mac ?

No, it only works on Excel for Windows.

Known Issues

  • Changing the Windows DPI (text-scale/size) at runtime causes Track Cell feature to draw incorrectly.

System Requirements

Excel 365 (desktop), Excel 2019, Excel 2016, Excel 2013

Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7