Understand, fix and improve Excel formulas

  • View formulas as Math equations
  • Visualize and understand complex formulas
  • Find and fix formula errors
  • Combine multiple formulas into a single mega-formula
  • Break formula into smaller steps
  • Refactor (rewrite and improve) formulas
  • Replace references in formulas
  • Live-trace precedents and dependents

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Troubleshoot and fix slow Excel files

  • Boost the performance of your Excel spreadsheets.
  • Troubleshoot and fix slow Excel files
  • Find slow formulas
  • Find all volatile cells
  • Trim bloated files
  • Fix the ‘Too many different cell formats’ error

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Navigate around Excel faster

Navigate around Excel faster, or even eliminate the need to navigate at all by keeping the important parts of your spreadsheets constantly in-view.

  • Quick Navigator: instantly switch between recent sheets
  • Back and forward history 
  • Periscope
  • Freeze any columns and rows

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Smart tools that make Excel more enjoyable and efficient

Smart tools to make Excel more enjoyable and efficient.

  • Subscript & superscript buttons and keyboard shortcuts
  • Remove common annoyances
  • Track active cell
  • Easy select
  • Manual calculation mode warning
  • Resize and right-size array formulas
  • Workbook Detective

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  • FD.Utility.RemoveVolatility
  • FD.Utility.RunMacroWhenValueChanges
  • FD.Text.ToStringFormat
  • FD.Text.Concatenate
  • FD.Text.Split
  • FD.Text.NumberToOrdinal
  • FD.Text.NumberToWords
  • FD.Text.NumberToOrdinalWords
  • FD.Text.NumberToRoman
  • FD.Text.RomanToNumber

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