Excel add-in

Visualize and troubleshoot excel formulas - instantly

Formula calculation steps

The horizontal view displays the result of each part of a formula in order to see how the result is calculated. You can also expand and collapse the formula parts by clicking the green result bar.

The vertical view displays a formula as a tree of the parts of a formula. The parts can be expanded and collapsed.

Pinpoint formula errors

Excel tells you when a formula has an error, but that’s it. long formulas are even worse – where do you even start to track down the problem?

Now, FormulaSpy will pinpoint EXACTLY where the error is – no more guessing or wasting hours of your precious time.

Style Explorer

See exactly where styles are used in your Excel file.

Styles are listed as well as all of their variations, where the style has been applied but the formatting has been altered slightly afterwards, so the cell is no longer using a ‘pure’ version of the style.

When you click on a style or one of its variants then Style Explorer will list the cells that are using it. Clicking on a style, or one the cells that are using it, will select the range in Excel.

The Style Map visually shows where a style is being used, so that you can easily look at the pattern to decide if anything is wrong or unexpected.


Workbook Detective - find issues quickly

All errors, all comments, all external links, all data connections and all invalid data…all in one place…in a treeview that is easy to navigate.

Excel files too big?

Find and remove blank rows and columns.

Find and remove unused custom styles.

Version Comparison

  • Formula viewer

    Formula viewer
  • Highlight formula errors

    Highlight formula errors
  • Workbook Detective

    Workbook Detective
  • Fix workbook

    Fix workbook
14-day trial (all features) converts to this free version when it expires
  • Formula viewer

    Horizontal view only - no treeview or text view
  • Highlight formula errors

    Alert only - no error highlighting
  • Workbook Detective

    First 10 results on current sheet only
  • Fix workbook

Monthly or perpetual
  • Formula viewer

  • Highlight formula errors

  • Workbook Detective

  • Fix workbook

System Requirements

Excel 365 (desktop), Excel 2019, Excel 2016, Excel 2013

Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7