Navigation Tools

Move around Excel faster and with less fuss.

Quickly switch between recent sheets

Quick Navigator: no more scrolling the worksheet tabs to find the worksheet you want!

Instantly switch between your most recent worksheets with Quick Navigator (press CTRL+TAB) - no more scrolling the worksheet tabs to find the worksheet you want.

Press and release CTRL+TAB to instantly switch between the current sheet and previous one. Alternatively, pressing CTRL+TAB then releasing TAB but keeping CTRL pressed shows a pop-up navigation screen which allows you to switch between recently-viewed sheets quickly, even across workbooks. Keep CTRL pressed while using this screen. Releasing the CTRL key hides the screen and navigates to the currently selected sheet. Use TAB or DOWN_ARROW to move down and SHIFT+TAB or UP_ARROW to move up. Use LEFT_ARROW and RIGHT_ARROW to move left and right.

Go to recently visited cells

Back & forward shortcuts

Use the Back and Forward buttons (or the ALT+LEFT and ALT+RIGHT shortcuts) to move back and forwards through your recently visited cells.

Alternatively you can use the dropdowns to skip backwards or forwards a few steps.

Keep selected ranges & charts in view

Periscope: Heads-up-display

See any part of your spreadsheet in it's own floating window. It will always show a live view, displaying updates as you edit another part of the spreadsheet.

You can create periscopes for ranges of cells and for charts.

Note: The periscope is view-only. You can't interact with or edit the contents of the periscope window.

  • Right-click a selected range of cells or chart.
  • Click 'FormulaDesk' > 'Create Periscope' on the pop-up menu.

Freeze any columns and rows

Excel only allows you to freeze columns and rows on the left. With FormulaDesk you can now freeze ANY combination of columns and rows and make them appear on the right-hand side of the worksheet. Their values update in real-time as you make changes to your spreadsheet.


  • Select the column(s) or row(s) to freeze by clicking the column or row headers (hold down the CTRL button to select non-contiguous columns or rows).
  • Right-click the selected column.
  • Click 'Freeze columns' on the pop-up menu.
  • Add more columns at any time by following the same procedure above - they will be added to the frozen collection.
  • To close the frozen column, hover over the frozen columns and a close button will appear above them, at the top right.