FormulaMath is an Excel add-in that adds real math features to Excel such as symbolic math notation, Greek letters.

Key Features

  • View formulas in real math notation (customizable)
  • Quick plots of formulas

Math Viewer

  • Instantly view the real math version of any formula.
  • Add math equations to your spreadsheet (live or static)
  • Save equations as images or equation objects (can be pasted into Word)

Plot Viewer

  • View an instant plot of any formula without needing to create a data-series first.
  • Use any reference in the formula as the X-axis.

Transform Text

Transform Greek letter names.

Unit formats

Apply common unit formats (and create your own)

Subscript & superscript

Transform ‘_’ to subscript and ‘^’ to superscript.

Document formulas


UDFs to add Math equations to spreadhsheet.