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Excel subscript & superscript

With keyboard shortcuts too

Subscript and superscript buttons on Excel menuFinally, subscript and superscript buttons for Excel.

You can even add these buttons to your QAT toolbar for easy access.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Subscript: CTRL+=
  • Superscript: CTRL+?

Remove common annoyances

Disable nuisance keys

If you keep pressing special keys by mistake, you can now disable them (just inside Excel) so that they never bother you again while you're working in Excel.

You can disable and ignore the following keys:

  • F1
  • Insert
  • Num-Lock
  • Scroll-Lock
  • Caps-Lock

Track the active cell

Turn on the crosshairs feature to easily track the active cell. Easily see which cells are in the same column and row.

Easy Select

Select & deselect multiple cells

Easily select and deselect multiple cells and ranges by clicking the 'Easy Select' button to turn 'Easy Selection mode' on, then start making your selections. When you're finished making selections, click the 'Easy Select' button again to turn 'Easy Selection mode' off again.

No need to hold down the CTRL key while selecting - just click and drag to select/deselect what you want.

Get alerted about manual calculation mode

Manual calculation mode assistant

If your workbook calculation mode is set to manual then that setting gets saved when you save the file. This means that when the file is opened by you or anyone else it will be in manual calculation mode. Sometimes that's what you want, but ususally it isn't. Also, when you open a file from someone else, do you remember to check the calculation mode every time, in case the other person saved it in manual mode?

FormulaDesk can alert you when you try to save a file with manual calculation mode on, or when you open a file that has manual calculation mode on.

It also displays an persistent notification in the Excel title-bar when in manual calculation mode. This can be dismissed. Calculation mode can also be changed via this easy-to-access notification area.

Resize & right-size array formulas

Easily resize an array formula by selecting the range you want to resize it to, then right-click the selection and click the 'Resize array' item on the context (pop-up) menu, or the 'Resize array' on the top menu.

Easily right-size an array formula to exactly match it's dimensions by selecting a cell containing the array formula, then right-click the selection and click the 'Right-size array' item on the context (pop-up) menu, or the 'Right-size array' on the top menu.

Find problems in your spreadsheet

Workbook Detective

Use Workbook Detective searches all of your sheets, even the hidden ones, to find and list all:

  • Comments
  • Formula Errors
  • Usages of data connections
  • Invalid data (fails validation rules)
  • Links to external workbooks, where they are used in:
    • Cell formulas
    • Charts
    • Names

Unit Formatting for Cells

Such as:   m²   °C   °F   etc.

Easily add unit number formats to cells. Add more by clicking 'Add/edit unit formats...' on the menu.