You earn 30% of Net Sales Amount
Crediting Policy
Last Click
Click Referral Period
Referrals are only considered for credit if they occur within 30 day(s) of the action
Action Locking
All actions happening in a given month are locked 1 month(s) and 0 day(s) after the end of the month
Payout Scheduling
Actions are paid on the 15th day of the month after they locked
Recurring Transactions
Payout applies to the initial transaction only of return customers

Special Terms

Financial transactions covered by this insertion order will be processed in the USD currency. Currency exchanges will occur when you or your partner(s) have set a different default currency in account settings.
Change Notification Period
The insertion order can be changed or cancelled with 3 day(s) notification to the media partner.
Reversal Policy
Reversal of performance advertising actions are decided by the Advertiser governed by a max reversal percentage of 100%

These terms and conditions supplement the Impact Master Campaign Agreement and govern your performance marketing relationship for this campaign with this partner. Impact Master Campaign Agreement